Pizza Firewood Logs

Pizza firewood made for wood fired pizza ovens, wood for fire pits and chimeneas.
Pizza is great when cooked with firewood, in fact anything cooked over firewood is great, bursting with flavour and has that smoky BBQ smell and taste.

What’s the Best Firewood to Use When Cooking Outdoors.
Everybody has their own opinion, we sell beech firewood for wood fired pizza ovens.
Beech has been used for years for cooking, it was traditionally used in wood fired bread ovens because it produces little smoke has a delicate smell. Its very good for smoking food and when using a wood fired pizza oven.
What size logs/staves
This depends on the size of your pizza oven, fire pit, chimenea. Timports logs are 10in (250mm).

We also sell firewood staves these are thinner strips of wood, for easier lighting and when burning in the oven the wood burns at a more even level and allowing for a continuous heat output through the cooking period.

Pizza Firewood Logs & Staves For Campsites, Festivals, Restaurant

If you require large amounts of firewood for a festival, concert or a jamboree we are able to supply logs and firewood staves to you.
Whether your a pizza parlour, restaurant large or small contact us for the best advise and prices.