Heat Logs Pini Kay – Hardwood Heat Logs


Pini Kay Hardwood Heat Logs.
These briquettes are very dense and long burning with a large heat output (see additional information below).
A great alternative to using coal, particularly considering the new upcoming fuel guidelines from Woodsure, HETAS and DEFRA


Pini Kay hardwood heat logs are produced using only natural hardwood. You get a huge amount of heat output/energy output from heat briquettes. Great value for money because of the long burn (these are not softwood briquettes).

What Is Pini Heat Logs?
Chipped hardwood which is compressed at high temperatures. Leaving you with a compact briquette made from pure chipped wood without any binders and has a high caloric value.

Heat Briquettes Dimensions: 6.4cm x 6.4cm x 24cm
Hole diameter 2.6cm
Blend: 80% hornbeam, 20% oak
Humidity: < 5%
Calorific value => 18 MJ
Heat Briquettes Density: > 1.34 kg/dm3
Nitrogen content: < 0.006% (below avg)
Sulphur content: 0.03% (below avg.)
Chlorine content: 0.01% (below avg.)

Prefer kiln dried logs try our small crate of beech logs or beech logs in nets

Additional information


Hornbeam 80% – Oak 20%

Calorific Value


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