Nets Of Logs

Beech logs in nets. Kiln dried firewood easy to carry in nets, the moisture content is below 20%. 100% premium hardwood firewood logs. Logs delivered to you or your business.
Easy to stack if you have a small space.
Light weight as kiln dried logs has less water content than green wood. Ready to burn the day its delivered and available when you need it.
Woodsure certified.

COVID-19 – Delivery information.
We have received numerous inquiries regarding deliveries. The pallet network is still operational and whilst they are under extreme pressure, we are all working together to keep to your selected delivery date.
Our warehouse is still operating, but our doors are closed to the public.

We are experiencing a lot of telephone calls, so we are asking, where possible to send any inquiries to and we will respond as soon as possible.
We hope you are all keeping safe and appreciate your support.

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