Kiln Dried Oak Logs

Kiln Dried Oak Hardwood Logs In Crates

Buy quality kiln dried oak logs. The king of all firewood, long burning kiln dried oak makes a long lasting fire as it is a very dense hardwood. One of our favorites for our customers.
Available in small crates, 1.2m crates and large 1.6m crates.
Suitable for open fires, firepits wood burning appliances. All sized crates of oak is Ready To Burn accredited by Woodsure and is quality checked regularly and has a moisture content below 20% typically 15%.

All our crates are wrapped up to for delivery around the UK

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  • Kiln Dried Oak Firewood Large Crate

    Kiln Dried Oak Logs Large Crate

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  • Kiln Dried Oak Firewood Small Crate

    Kiln Dried Oak Logs Small Crate

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  • Kiln Dried Logs Oak Half Crate

    Oak Logs Half Crate Firewood

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