Kiln Dried Oak Logs For Sale 2m Crate

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Slow and very hot burning Premium wood fuel, oak logs has a massive heat output that is better than ash, and especially birch. If you want a good heart to a fire then oak will provide this, the smell of oak burning in homes brings winter warmth and homely smells.
Our Premium Oak Logs are normally chunkier therefore they last longer.


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One of the best logs for burning, why because of the high heat out put.
We only supply premium kiln dried oak logs as a wood fuel. Each massive 2m pallet/crate of OAK LOGS is stacked by hand, the log length is approximately 10inches (250mm) with a moisture content below 20%. Typically 8-13% externally and 10-15% internally. The pallet/crate is approx: H:2.07m W:1.16m D:0.85m and acts as a secure, stable log store.
We believe our customers receive more logs for their money compared to “large crates” sold by some of our competitors and dumpy bags of logs which are thrown in.


Oak Firewood is hot and slow burning and efficient, perfect for wood burning stoves, pizza ovens, open fires, BBQ fire pits great for the summer.
Normal (seasoned and wet) firewood logs are 35% less calorific than our kiln dried hardwood logs. It means that if you wanted to heat average size house you would need 10-15m3 for a winter, when at the same time you would use 6.5-10m3 of our professional kiln dried firewood product. Also our kiln dried hardwood logs are much cleaner than normal logs and minimize stove and flue problems.
FREE Nationwide Delivery (Highlands surcharge applicable).
Moisture Content 8%-15% Species:
Oak Hardwood Logs
Energy Heat Output 4.78kWh/kg
Approximate Weight 850kg
Loose Volume – 3.55 m3
Loose Price per m3 – £81/m3

Caution when ordering large 2m pallets!
In order to avoid delivery issues please ensure that you have enough space and relatively flat terrain to accommodate a large 18 ton + delivery lorry when purchasing 2m3 pallet/crates.

Wholesale prices are available for large orders on request. Please contact us for more information* Please check dimensions before buying. The crate is HUGE.

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Timports Ltd


KILN DRIED LOGS: Oak Hardwood Logs

Crate Dimensions

H:2.07m W:1.16m D:0.85m

External Moisture Content


Moisture Content


Log Length

10in (250mm)

Loose Price per m3

£81 /m3

Loose Volume

3.55 m3

5 reviews for Kiln Dried Oak Logs For Sale 2m Crate

  1. Pervaz_akhtar (verified owner)

    We chose to buy our crate of logs this year from Ollie at Timports and haven’t been disappointed! We had a few hiccups with the delivery (which Ollie managed to sort – it wasn’t Timports fault) but then all was well! We’ve also swapped the type of wood this year and are loving the oak…it burns a bit slower and hotter and smells lovely. We’re happy with our purchase.

  2. Rob Crewe (verified owner)

    The large crate held more logs than 3 dumpy bags from my local supplier costing around the same for inferior wood. These logs are long burning and controllable, meaning I only burn half the quantity I did Previously. A good layer of bone dry Ash kindling gets the Oak going and up to temperature quickly.

  3. Jo

    Excellent product. Delivery on time.

  4. David C

    Oak Logs 2m3

    Wondered if these logs were too expensive, as they are twice the price I usually pay for local softwood logs. However, the crate of oak logs has lasted almost three times as long as my old supplier’s logs, and the heat generated is awesome. Now a convert to Timports, doubtful that I will ever buy elsewhere again.

  5. GS

    the best

    I have tried different types of kiln dried from various companies but I have returned to timports again these guys are the best there is, pay a little more but worth it, I wouldn’t use any other logs, there wood gives off the best heat with no smoke problems

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