Kiln Dried Logs Medium Crate


Our New kiln dried logs medium crate is full to the brim with beech logs. A strong sturdy pallet crate.
The logs are tightly stacked together. Leg length is 25cm consisting of various widths.


Kiln Dried Logs  Medium Crate.
Our medium crates of logs are wrapped in a clear pallet wrap to protect from the weather.

  • Medium Crate:  H: 110cm x W: 110cm x D:0.75cm (external)
  • 100% Beech
  • Woodsure Certified 
  • Approved WS252
  • Moisture Content – Below 20% – Typically 15%

When it comes to wood calorific value, beech logs have a high heat output very similar to ash logs. Beech is a dense hardwood which burns without a lot of sparks.

Additional information

Weight 400 kg

Timports Ltd

Crate Dimensions

H: 1.1m x W: 1.1m x D: 0.75m

Moisture Content

Below 20% – Typically 15%


KILN DRIED LOGS: Beech Hardwood Logs

Log Length


Woodsure - Ready To Burn

Approved WS252


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