Kiln Dried Alder Logs 48 Nets


Alder makes fantastic firewood when split and correctly dried, Alder is a good choice, although not as dense as beech or oak it provides a pleasant, sweet aroma and burns very well with a good heat output nonetheless.


Kiln Dried Alder Logs

We are pleased to introduce another option to our kiln dried log menu in order to provide a great quality firewood at a lower price. Alder is a superb alternative.

  • Premium Quality Kiln Dried Alder Hardwood Logs
  • Woodsure Approved Ready to Burn
  • Log Length 10in(250mm)
  • Easy to Store and Handle


Alder trees are fast growing, when felled the trees are light in colour and over time the wood becomes darker.
Alder is easily split due to its straight grain and drys quickly. The wood itself is much softer than oak, beech, ash and hornbeam and not as dense as other hardwood logs.
As its not as dense it will burn quicker making it the easiest and cheapest wood fuel to burn.
Cooking with alder over a bbq is great as it adds a delicate taste. Alder planks are used over bbqs when cooking fish, chicken, large prawns or used traditionally when smoking salmon. Try alder with vegetables and fruit for its sweetness.

Additional information

Weight 525 kg

Timports Ltd



Woodsure - Ready To Burn

Approved WS252

Moisture Content

Below 20% – Typically 15%

Log Length

Approximately 10in (250mm)


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