Crate of Kiln Dried Oak Hardwood Logs


Crate of kiln dried oak hardwood logs. Slow and very hot burning premium wood fuel, oak logs has a massive heat output that is better than ash, and especially birch. If you want a good heart to a fire then oak will provide this.

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Crate of Kiln Dried Oak Hardwood Logs – 0.8m Crate

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Kiln Dried Oak Hardwood Logs

Crate of kiln-dried oak hardwood logs. Kiln-dried oak is a dense hardwood, ideal for burning providing maximum heat output.

  • Kiln dried oak firewood is hot, slow-burning and efficient.
  • Perfect for wood burning stoves, pizza ovens, open fires, and BBQ fire pits great for the summer.
  • Normal (seasoned and wet) firewood logs are 35% less calorific than our kiln-dried hardwood logs.
  • It means that if you wanted to heat the average size house you would need 10-15m3 for a winter.
  • At the same time, you would use 6.5-10m3 of our professional kiln dried firewood product.
  • Crates of hardwood logs are much cleaner than normal logs and minimize stove and flue problems.
  • Kiln dried oak firewood has FREE Nationwide Delivery (Highlands surcharge applicable).
  • Species: Oak hardwood firewood logs.

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Woodsure - Ready To Burn

Approved WS252


Timports Ltd


KILN DRIED LOGS: Oak Hardwood Logs

Moisture Content

Below 20% – Typically 15%

Log Length

10in (250mm)


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