Crate of Kiln Dried Beech Hardwood Logs


Our crates contain the highest quality kiln dried beech logs. It is designed for the high end stove market.
If you have little space, try our nets of logs 100% beech hardwood logs

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Crate of Kiln Dried Beech Hardwood Logs – Small Crate

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Crate of Kiln Dried Beech Hardwood Logs – 1.2m Crate

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Our premium beech kiln dried logs are the most recommended by stove centres and chimneys sweeps as they burn extremely hot with almost no smoke.
Most of our customers who tried our Premium KD Beech after using ash logs saw the benefits of our Beech.

  • Approx 8-13% external moisture content. Below 20% in the middle, typically 10-15%.
  • Log length 10inch (250mm)
  • Solid log store
  • Efficient and economical slow burning at very high temperature-the best wood fuel online.
  • Beech hardwood logs is the most calorific available.

The best for wood burning stoves, open fires, multi fuel burner.
Our Premium KD Beech Logs are used to test the latest models of wood burning stoves by one of the largest manufacturer of stoves in the UK.

Ready To Burn Scheme – Supported by HETAS, DEFRA
To improve air quality, reduce particulates being released into the atmosphere.
We are approved

FREE DELIVERY (Highlands surcharge applicable)

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Woodsure - Ready To Burn

Approved WS252


Beech Hardwood

Moisture Content

Below 20% – Typically 15%

Log Length


15 reviews for Crate of Kiln Dried Beech Hardwood Logs

  1. S Laing (verified owner)

    Onto my 5th order. The logs are superb and burn great. Rang last week, but could not get through, but Ollie rang back a couple of minutes later. Unfortunatly out of stocks. Advised to check back on Tuesday as stocks were arriving. Sorted, thanks Ollie. 5 stars to the delivery firm as well as their drivers are great, and put the crate where we want it.

  2. daveevans35 (verified owner)

    Pizza oven magic, easy to light, low smoke so neighbours happy and heat even with a controlled burn rate.

    I have a inbuilt oven so want to avoid fiercely burning smoking wood plus I use the wood for slow cooking so beech that’s dry is perfect. I recently measured the moisture content it averaged 12% which is about as good as you get. I have also experimented with professional wood composite blocks with again around 12% moisture, however they sell at £20 per box and on a 50 plus pizza night I use at least a box. Of the beech logs I use approx £8 to £10 max and easily achieve temps of over 450 degrees to enable me to cook nepolitan style pizza in 45 second.

    I also use the same logs for my home log burner, again they immediately ignight and keep burning for hours with little smoke output when temperature reached.

    Service and advice on what’s right to buy to meet your demand is also great, Ollie plus a professional and polite delivery service make for a great experience.

  3. s.tozer (verified owner)

    Can’t thank Ollie enough for the advise he gave. Being fairly new to stove ownership Ollie was really helpful and recommended we get the Beech, all I can say is WOW. It burns incredibly hot and for a good amount of time also so easy to light compared to the seasoned logs we used to get.
    Fantastic service throughout the experience, will definitely use again.
    Thanks Ollie

  4. jmcd9 (verified owner)

    This must be one of the best firewood services on the market , I have now ordered a couple of time and everything in the process is seemless.
    The ordering , the staff , delivery of the product and the delivery driver for the transport company, I cannot name one fault in any of the areas .
    It really gives me confidence in knowing that my spending is worthwhile and trouble free for a really good woodburner product .
    I would also like to say that the response you get on a one to one with Ollie or the young lady whose name escapes me is fantastic .
    This is a business that could show many businesses good practices in all fields.
    Well done and many thanks , keep up the standards and great work .

    • Louise

      Many thanks from Ollie & Louise, we really appreciate you taking time to do a wonderful review. Thank you again.

  5. nick

    great service & great quality

    been let down by other suppliers for years, poor quality, wet wood etc. Have now used timports for 2 or 3 deliveries a year for 2 years and they are by far the best suppliers. Great quality and great service. Slightly more expensive than some, but you get what you pay for.

  6. Emma (verified owner)

    Fantastic logs!

    This is our second year buying the kiln dried beech logs, they are wonderful! Very dry, a good size range and burn beautifully clean and very hot! Last year we had nets but bought a half crate this year, so much better value for money.

  7. JP

    Bone dry beech

    I’ve tried different suppliers and their so called “half crates” are much smaller and of a poor quality.
    Beech logs from Timports are always bone dry.
    Customer service is exceptional

  8. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Good Quality

    Nice quality logs let down by poor delivery service. Didn’t call on day arranged (Ollie quickly sorted for next day), then when they did arrive they came on van and I had to manually remove each log from the van with the driver.

  9. Steve

    Fantastic product and a great service

    The kiln dried beech is a great product. The wood is all beech and the sizes of the logs are consistent. A 2m3 crate has lasted from October until now, the end of February. The wood gives a lovely flame and it burns hot. The delivery guy is always helpful. Altogether the experience with Timports is exceptional.

  10. All fired up

    Exccellent Service

    Great customer service, Ollie always rings back when he says he will and wood delivered on time as promised. Found it to be really dry seasoned hard wood, burns a treat. No hesitation in recommending Timports our 1.2m3 crate was packed so tightly you couldn’t get another log in. Thanks again Ollie for all your help.

  11. David Ticehurst

    kiln dried beech logs

    We are delighted with the recent delivery of logs and are very grateful to you. Thank you.
    You will recall that when I ordered the two half pallets of kiln dried beech logs I told you that we were disappointed with the previous order of oak. You assured us that the current load would be better and you gave us a discount.
    You were as good as your word. The logs are perfect; they are the envy of our neighbours and we are recommending you to all of our friends. Thank you very much.
    There will undoubtedly be many repeat orders from us.

  12. Steve (verified owner)


    Took my first delivery of 1.2m3 hardwood logs today. So much better than our usual local supplier’s ‘seasoned’ logs. The heat output is dramatically better. We will be regular customers from now on.

  13. Joel

    Superb logs and service.

    Repeat customer, consistently good logs – certainly better than other on-line log providers.

    Minor hiccup on delivery resolved with honesty and great attitude from Ollie.

    Couldn’t recommend enough.

  14. Dave (verified owner)

    Quality and quantity

    I’ve just received my 1.2m3 crate of hardwood logs today. Customer service was spot on all round an the delivery man wheeled my crate through my gate an down the ally to my log store. The amount of logs for the price is absolutely superb. Nice chunky pieces too for that long hot burn. These beech logs are by far the best logs to burn the heat they give off is unreal an quickly gets the stove up to temp. I will be using timports every time I need a top up of logs.

  15. Derek Ray

    St. Albans

    Over the past 4 or 5 years I’ve tried Timports and 2 or 3 other log suppliers, and whilst the others may appear slightly cheaper, they haven’t matched up to Timports’ quality. Nowhere near. Dry, uniform in size and burn really well; slow and hot. Another point, if you need to call Ollie at Timports, and he can’t answer the phone immediately, I can just about guarantee he’ll get back to you very quickly. Very conscientious fella.
    Cold day today; fire’s going just lovely!
    Derek Ray.

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