Kiln Dried Logs

Quality kiln dried logs for sale, oak, ash, beech logs, 100% hardwood logs sold in crates and in nets/bags of kiln dried logs. The moisture content of our logs are below 20% – typically 15%, dried and ready to burn. Our oak, ash and beech logs are stacked in crates/pallet boxes. We believe these are the best firewood species for our customers wood burning appliances, multi-fuel burners and stoves and open fires. 100% hardwood, dry logs, easy to light and burns most efficiently.

Enjoy The Benefits of Burning Dry Firewood

Reliably dry and cost effective, minimizing the build up of soot, tar, creosote in the chimney flue. Kiln dried hardwood logs is drier than seasoned logs, the longer the logs are in the kiln the drier the wood. All firewood species has different characteristics especially when it comes down to burning wood as a fuel. Always use hardwood firewood.
Our logs can be used on open fires, wood burning stoves, fire pits and the good old barbecue.  Cooking with wood in the summer gives a fantastic smell and flavor, beech and oak firewood have great characteristics for cooking.

Why Timports Ltd?

We are the oldest company selling kiln dried firewood in the form of crates and we have spent many years researching our products. We supply the highest quality firewood in the UK, and we are the only supplier of kiln dried beech in the form of nets and crates. Many of our customers who have tried beech firewood have not returned to using ash logs.

What Kiln Dried Wood Is Best Including Best Heat Output?

Very Good Dried Firewood – Beech Firewood   10/10
Good Slow Burning – Oak Firewood   9/10
Good Firewood –  Ash Firewood     8/10
Average Firewood – Birch 6.5/10 (we do not sell birch logs)

Why Are Beech Logs Better?
Most energetic wood fuel available when kiln dried. Beech has a very thin bark tissue which means more wood in 1m3 of logs 5 -7% more when compared to ash or oak. Energy heat output of 1 Beech Crate = 1.35 Ash Crates = 1.05 oak crates. Higher temperatures reached and the most cost effective price per kWh. Clean burn, longer lasting wood burning fire.
Its a dense sustainable hardwood, burns bright and clean with a great flame. We only work with trusted registered sources that actively participate within the sustainability schemes.

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