Kiln Dried Logs

Quality Kiln Dried Logs for all your wood fuel stoves and multi-fuel appliances. Beech logs, ash, alder, hornbeam, and oak logs, have a low moisture content below 20% typically 15%. Buy logs in small crates, medium crates, and large crates stacked tightly together. For smaller storage areas we provide logs in nets and logs in boxes.
We are proud to be certified by Woodsure assured quality wood fuel. Which is the only UK certification scheme. Buying from Timports gives you peace of mind when buying firewood online for reliable high quality wood fuel. Ideal for wood burn stoves, open fires, and fire-pits. Logs are delivered directly to you or your business. Kiln Dried Logs have their advantages when dried properly.

What kiln dried wood fuel to buy?

We classify Beech as the best all round firewood.  It burns very hot for a long time.  Beech is the cleanest burning wood available as it has no volatiles or sap, along with a small amount of thin bark.  (more wood tissue for your money!)  It lights easily, smells gorgeous, and burns with a bright flame.  It’s the wood traditionally used in bread and pizza ovens. Beech is excellent firewood for heating.
Ideal for wood burn stoves, open fires, and fire-pits. Logs are delivered directly to you or your business. Kiln dried logs have their advantages when dried properly.

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Kiln Dried Logs

Enjoy reliable, high-quality wood fuel when you purchase Kiln Dried Logs. These logs will serve you well whether you want to make fire pits, open fires, or have wood-burning stoves. Kiln-dried logs are ideal for immediate burning on all wood-burning appliances. You’ll have an easier time starting a successful fire with kiln dried logs. Of course, they’re also brilliant for campfires!

Unlike seasoned logs that dry naturally in the open air, kiln-dried logs usually dry artificially in a specialized kiln and are ready to burn once the drying process ends. The artificial drying process is much faster and creates logs with much lower moisture content.

Efficient Burning

Kiln-dried logs guarantee a hotter fire with less smoke. Dryer logs generate more heat, ensuring that you save on wood. With kiln dried firewood, you will generate much-hotter fires that will require less fuel. Kiln-drying ensures that you have logs with less than 20% moisture content. Enjoy maximum heat output from these logs, guaranteeing the ultimate clean burn.

Experience some of the brightest and hottest flames in your fireplace or fire pit whenever you use kiln dried logs. The extensive drying process guarantees an impressive burning experience. Also, the low moisture content ensures that you won’t go to great lengths to light the wood and keep it burning for long.

The log’s low moisture content is also good for the environment. Burning wet wood often leads to a smokier fire with multiple harmful emissions that can cause air pollution and unhealthy breathing conditions. Kiln-dried logs will help you go green while enjoying a better fire.

Destroys Invasive Pests

Invasive pests like the Asian longhorn beetle and the Emerald Ash Borer won’t stand a chance with kiln dried logs. Kiln-drying destroys both mold and residual pesticides. Unlike other wood solutions, kiln-dried logs ensure that you won’t have to deal with pests when lighting up your fire. Opting for kiln-dried logs offers you a pest-free firewood solution.

Saves You Time

You can use kiln-dried logs as soon as processing is complete. Kiln-drying also removes lots of the water content, making it suitable for fire pit burning. Also, you will have an easier time ferrying the ready-to-burn wood. Most firewood is usually heavy due to its high moisture content. Kiln-dried logs have less water weight, allowing you to enjoy a lighter load.

Clean Burning

Firewood usually has the disadvantage of producing lots of soot and creosote. These substances will stick in your fireplace and may catch fire, making them safety hazards. Besides, you might also have to deal with unpleasant smells when using firewood. Kiln-dried firewood doesn’t produce creosote, guaranteeing a safer cleaning burning option.

Diverse Applications

Multiple industries leverage kiln-dry logs, which offer a clean energy source. Woodworking industries rely on kiln logs which minimize the risk of defects during manufacturing. Kiln-dried logs also prevent shrinkage defects that arise from unevenly dried wood.

The Best Kiln Dried Wood

We sell our kiln-dried wood in easy-to-carry nets and large crates stacked to the brim. Timports offers Beech as the best all-round hardwood logs. Beech has no sap or volatiles, making it one of the cleanest burning wood. You could also choose between the oak logs and ash logs that deliver a steady flame with minimal smoke. Count on us for free delivery to your preferred destination.