20 Nets Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

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20 nets of beech kiln dried hardwood logs great for wood burning stoves, dried logs with a moisture content below 20%.

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20 Large nets of premium quality hardwood logs.
Why kiln dried hardwood logs? It is by far the best wood fuel money can buy!

Approx. 8%-13% external moisture content. Below 20% in the middle.
The log length is approximate 10in (250mm), the nets themselves are large approximate 10.5kg of very dry Beech firewood
Ideal logs for wood burning stoves
Ready to use for wood burning stoves, pizza ovens and during the summer great for an outdoor barbecue. You cant beat the aroma of a real wood fire.

Why Buy Kiln Dried Logs In Nets?
Hardwood Logs burns better for longer than wet firewood, so its more cost efficient to buy kiln dried firewood/hardwood. The lighter the log the less moisture content. No bugs, no moss, just clean firewood. Reduces costs on flue maintenance when using logs with less moisture. Delivered direct to your business or home. FREE Nationwide Delivery (Highlands surcharge applicable).

Additional information


KILN DRIED LOGS: Beech Hardwood

External Moisture Content


Moisture Content

Below 20% – Typically 15%

Log Length

10in (250mm)

Loose Volume


3 reviews for 20 Nets Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

  1. Darren Dukes (verified owner)

    Exceptionally dry logs, Light very easy…have tried loads of different companies in the past but these are the best and won’t go anywhere else now!!!

  2. Steve

    Best dry kiln logs in the county

    I’ve bought all sorts of logs for my log burner, and the Beech logs are so good, they burn really hot and with a great glow. Without a doubt these logs are way better than the standard Ash or Birch that you get. The guys are always accomodating and friendly. Highly recommend.

  3. Jack K

    Great Logs

    Dry logs split in the middle, helpful delivery man, would buy again

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