Kiln Dried Logs

Kiln dried logs for sale, our premium kiln dried hardwood fuel from Timports Ltd.
We are proud to be certified by Woodsure assured quality woodfuel. Which is the only UK certification scheme. Buying from Timports gives you peace of mind when buying firewood online for reliable high quality wood fuel.
Timports kiln dried wood is sold in crates stacked to the brim & easy to carry nets. Ideal for wood burning stoves, open fires, and fire-pits. Logs delivered direct to you or your business. Kiln dried logs has its advantages when dried properly.

What kiln dried wood fuel to buy?

Oak logs is probably the most sort after wood fuel due to the well known properties of the wood. Clean burn, slow burning producing better coals. Great for overnight heating in a wood burner. Maximum heat output, a dense hardwood with close fibers, and not forgetting the gorgeous smell of the logs. Producing little smoke.

Beech logs are a great alternative to burning ash logs. Beech burns with a bright flame, traditionally used in bread ovens, good heat output and without lots of sparks. A dense hardwood. Used in conjunction with oak makes a great fire. Excellent firewood for heating. Nice smell and minimal smoke.

Ash logs is also a great species to burn, a hardwood, burns well with a steady flame. Minimal smoke, starts easy if dry few sparks when lit. Not known to have a great smell like beech and oak logs and not commonly used on a bbq, but great for heating.

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    Crate of Kiln Dried Ash Hardwood Logs

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  • Large Crate Of Beech Logs Stacked

    Crate of Kiln Dried Beech Hardwood Logs

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  • Kiln Dried Oak Firewood Large Crate

    Crate of Kiln Dried Oak Hardwood Logs

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  • Kiln Dried Hornbeam Firewood Logs 1.2m Crate

    Kiln Dried Hornbeam Firewood

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  • Buy Kiln Dried Hardwood Beech Logs 20 Nets

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