30 Nets x Kiln Dried Logs


30 Large nets of Premium Hardwood Logs. Very low moisture content. Recommended wood fuel by stove manufacturers and chimney sweeps.

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Hardwood logs for sale, 30 large nets of superb quality kiln dried hardwood logs.

KD Beech hardwood logs are the most calorific wood fuel available. Highly recommended by stove manufacturers.

Buy 30 nets of kiln dried firewood logs.
Log length 10in ( 250mm)
Approx 10.5kg – 30 litres bags bigger bag for better price.
Efficient and economical slow burning at very high temperature.
The best quality and price on the market.
Approx. 8%-13% external moisture content. Below 20% in the middle.

Normal firewood is 35% less calorific than our kiln dried hardwood. It means that if you wanted to heat average size house you would need 10-15m3 for a winter, when at the same time you would use 6.5-10m3 of our professional kiln dried firewood product. Also our kiln dried firewood is much cleaner than normal logs and minimize stove and flue problems.

FREE Nationwide Delivery (Highlands surcharge applicable).

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KILN DRIED LOGS: Beech Hardwood

External Moisture Content


Moisture Content


Log Length

10in (250mm)


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