Kiln Dried Logs In Nets


Ready to burn large nets of our best selling premium kiln dried BEECH Logs. Free Nationwide Delivery. The benefits of using nets: easy to handle and store. best for customers who have limited height to take crate. Great for open fires, wood burners and barbecue fire pits. Log length 10inches (250mm). Low Moisture content under 20%.
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Kiln Dried Logs In Nets – Kiln Dried Logs Nets x 70
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Firewood Logs In Nets x 70
Premium Kiln Dried BEECH Hardwood Logs in Large Nets.

Efficient and economical slow burning at very high temperature-the best wood fuel online. Our Premium KD Beech hardwood logs are the most calorific wood fuel available. Highly recommended by stove manufacturers.

The pallets of netted bags are 6.6 ft tall 4ft wide and 3ft deep (205m x 125cm x 85cm)
Burns very hot
Approx 10.5 kg of kiln dried hardwood logs per net.
Approx. 8%-13% External Moisture Content. Below 20% In The Middle, typically 10-15%.

Our Premium KD Beech Logs are used to test the latest models of wood burning stoves by one of the largest manufacturer of stoves in the UK.

FREE delivery (Highlands surcharge applicable)

Additional information

Weight 700 kg
Log Length

10in (250mm)


Beech Hardwood