Kiln Dried Ash Logs Half Crate


Ash Logs Kiln Dried – 100% ash firewood. Dry Woodsure certified ash logs.
Log length 25cm. Stacked in a sturdy pallet/crate. Better heat output than birch logs
These are 25cm logs


Ash logs kiln dried is one of our premium firewood species we sell and is a great hardwood for fires. Ash is a hardwood. We pride ourselves in the quality of our ash firewood we have introduced a New 1.2m half crate. The logs comes in a strong pallet/crate and stacked tightly together. The log lengths are 25cms so fits most wood burning stoves and the moisture content is below 20% but typically 15%.
These are 25cm logs




Additional information

Weight 250 kg

Timports Ltd

Crate Dimensions

L:1.10m W:0.85m H:1.2m


KILN DRIED LOGS: Ash Hardwood Logs

Log Length


Moisture Content

Below 20% – Typically 15%

Loose Volume

1.85 m3 approximately

Loose Price per m3



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