Kiln Dried Ash Logs Small Crate


Our small crate of ash firewood is a great size for those smaller areas to store your logs, a sturdy pallet crate with neatly packed ash wood fuel
Woodsure Ready To Burn Firewood.


Kiln Dried Ash Logs

  • Kiln dried ash logs premium ash firewood ready to burn.
  • Low emissions and one of the great species of firewood to burn. Ideal for wood burning stoves, fire-pits and open fires
  • Ash Log Lengths is approx 10inches (250mm)
  • Moisture Content below 20% typically 18% and Woodsure Ready To Burn
  • Heat output from ash firewood is similar to beech logs with oak having the best heat output and a longer burn.

Ash Trees

A deciduous hardwood tree with light brown/gray/green olive bark and the heart of the wood quite light.
When burning ash there is little smoke and a lovely flame especially when on a slow burn this provides great heat, embers burn down to very well. Prone not to spark, some say the scent of ash is sweet. Ash has been used for cooking with from fish to pizza (very light & subtle). Not like your beech and oak which stands above the rest when barbecuing


Additional information

Weight 250 kg

Timports Ltd

Crate Dimensions

L:1.12m W:0.84m H:0.80m


KILN DRIED LOGS: Ash Hardwood Logs

Log Length

10in (250mm)

Loose Price per m3

£106 /m3

Moisture Content

Below 20% – Typically 15%


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