Beech Kiln Dried Logs 2m Crate

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Premium Kiln Dried Beech Logs has a rich, bright flame, traditionally used in wood fired ovens. The bark is smooth, pale green with a pale heart wood. It produces more energy heat output than ash and birch. Our Kiln Dried Beech Logs are the most calorific wood fuel money can buy in the UK

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Premium Kiln Dried BEECH Logs 2m Crate.  Caution when ordering large 2m pallets!

In order to avoid delivery issues please ensure that you have enough space and relatively flat terrain to accommodate a large 18 ton + delivery lorry when purchasing 2m pallet/crates.

For easier delivery see our NEW Large 1.6m Crates

2m Crate Dimensions: H:2.07m W:1.16m D:0.85m
This crate is much bigger than “large crates” sold by some of our competitors.

Kiln Dried Hardwood BEECH LOGS our best selling product. Our KD Beech firewood has a great and long lasting burn , massive heat output, better than ash and birch. Our Premium Kiln Dried Beech Logs are the most recommended by stove centres and chimneys sweeps as they burn extremely hot with almost no smoke.
Most of our customers who tried our Premium KD Beech after using ash logs saw the benefits of our Beech.


Pallet box dimensions H:2.07m W:1.16m D:0.85m
Approx 8-13% external moisture content. Below 20% in the middle, typically 10-15%.
Log length 10inch (250mm)
Solid log store
Efficient and economical slow burning at very high temperature-the best wood fuel online. Our Beech hardwood logs is the most calorific available. The best for wood burning stoves, open fires, multi fuel burner.

Our Premium KD Beech Logs are used to test the latest models of wood burning stoves by one of the largest manufacturer of stoves in the UK.


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Timports Ltd

Crate Dimensions

H:2.07m W:1.16m D:0.85m


KILN DRIED LOGS: Beech Hardwood

External Moisture Content


Moisture Content


Log Length

10in (250mm)

Loose Volume

3.55 m3

Loose Price per m3

£81 /m3

10 reviews for Beech Kiln Dried Logs 2m Crate

  1. Davey (verified owner)

    I have been ordering logs online every winter for the last 11 years. Each year I tried a different supplier looking for the ultimate……value for money and enough logs to last a winter. I have just taken delivery of the Jumbo crate of Birch and at last ….the “Utimate”. This is the best quality firewood, delivery was perfect and the crate was good and sound. A small hiccup was resolved by Ollie to my complete satisfaction. I strongly recommend this product and company and will definitely be back next year

  2. Catherine Saxon

    (I am actually reviewing the 70 nets of kiln-dried beech.) The most important thing: the wood is the best I have ever seen for woodstoves and fireplaces. The logs are a consistent 10″ length (as far as I can see; haven’t unwrapped the whole pallet). The wood burns hot and slowly. Delivery was in the morning on the day requested, and the delivery person was very nice and helpful. Finally, excellent customer service. We had a couple of questions that were dealt with efficiently and professionally. (We used email.) Will continue to order from this company.

  3. lee

    Excellent product and excellent service

    This was my first purchase with timports (certainly will not be my last), I ordered a large crate of beech and it was delivered on the day requested. The driver was helpful and assisted by moving the load further along my drive to a more convenient position (I was expecting a simple drop off at the easiest location for the driver).
    The wood was as advertised, a top quality product. What surprised me was the volume of wood; the description does not do it justice and the recorded dimension are true but need to be seen first hand to be believed, I’m 6ft3 and it was considerably taller than me! very well package with no movement in the pallet at all, it was crammed with wood. The pallet was very well constructed and will provide generous amounts of kindling and fire wood.
    I will be purchasing another load within the next couple of days. A top service and brilliant product.

  4. plumspitfire69 (verified owner)

    Great logs at last!

    I have been using a woodburner as my main source of heat for 26years and had long since given up on trying to find a supplier for really good dry wood.
    Getting a bit old for the chainsaw and manual splitting now, so tried the chunky large crate Beech logs, after phoning Ollie for advice on size etc.
    Arrived 3 days early( no signature required), absolutely packed with perfectly sized properly dry beech, which I have found to be the best for my Morso Dove over the years.
    Plenty of good kindling to be had from the crate as well.
    So pleased, I have just ordered another .

  5. Nayan (verified owner)

    Large 2M3 Crate Kiln Dried Beech Logs

    The 2M3 crate is absolutely packed, no more can fit in them. The logs are clean, burn very hot and look good.

    I initially bought a 2M3 Beech crate as these logs are also heating my water and central heating. Just a few burns and my 300 litre tank is sitting at 60 degrees and upwards depending on how many burns we do.

    Beech logs are denser than Oak and so the heat output is greater. As they are kiln dried they ignite very easily often without the need for kindling, just using the wool fire starters .

    I’m just about to place another order for the same large crate.

  6. Denis Wane

    Great Service, Great Logs

    Just like to put in writing what I said on the phone earlier today, we ordered from you earlier in the year and what a surprise we got. Notification by the haulier that the crate would be arriving in a specific time window, when it arrived the driver was very polite and helpful. The crate itself was very sturdy and easy to move into my garage(having previously ordered from the L.W.Company I was amazed at the difference in the build of the crates, theirs were very flimsy and not up to the job). I can only say how pleased my wife and I are with your product, how well packed it is and what good value it is, not to mention how much heat it generates in our Rayburn. Thank you very much Timports you are excellent to deal with, polite and reassuring on the telephone, it’s a pleasure to do business with you.

  7. Gavin

    Best Logs Beech

    I took delivery of the beech logs Tuesday afternoon, I bagged all the logs I had left from lwc ready for disposal, (only 1 net of kindling arrived was supposed to be 4) doesn’t matter as I have wood I can cut for kindling.
    I started burning the beech tonight (Wednesday) boy have I missed having logs from timports, for the first time this season after trying to burn 2m3 from lwc my burner has been so hot I had to close the air vents to minimum setting,
    With the lwc 100% kiln dried ash my burner would never get hot at all resulting in black smoking timber with very little heat even with both top and bottom air fully open I could never get the heat into the correct burning zone,
    From my first 3 beech logs I was burning at 250C and had to start closing the air off before it got to hot,
    The only time I remember having heat like that was with the timports oak that I bought,
    I’m happy my burner is now working as it should be,
    Still getting offers emailed from lwc I left a comment on there Facebook page when they were trying to shift jumbo crates, unfortunately it was removed, makes you wonder why you can’t add a testimonial to there website like you used to be able to do,
    Thanks again

  8. Xusto

    Thank you

    wood is nice ,dry and burns as the seller told me it will. I can honestly tell that was the most professional information that I had received about firewood and about the way to make it work properly in my fireplace. very friendly seller, grate quality. what more do we need?

  9. L. Gilbert

    Great Logs

    It turns out there is so much to learn about kiln dried logs. The idea that you can burn anything in a woodburning stove is just old fashioned. I wouldn’t have believed the difference each type of wood makes but the heat generation and efficiency we have now is amazing and Ollie talked me through everything I needed to know. The delivery service was quick and kept us informed of delivery dates and times. The driver even called on the day. They really have delivered on quality and service which is why I have taken the time to write this review. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them

  10. Raynor Scholes


    Best fuel on the market… no kindling required, 2 firelighters, 4 logs..250c within 5 minutes on a Morso 8188. Spot on delivery service and a great price… Why waste your money on the rip off gas and electric companies ?? Six years use so far and never let down.. Superb way to do business.. A great company.

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