Firewood For Cooking

Italian pizza is cooked in a wood-fired oven

Whether you have a wood fuel pizza oven, fire pit, wood fired ovens in a restaurant/grill, kiln dried wood is the best firewood for cooking. Cooking with firewood is very popular and at Timports we recognize that top quality firewood is required, we provide a bespoke service for supplying dry kiln dried logs, you may require a certain size log, cut/split for your wood fired ovens, pizza ovens, BBQ pits and smokers. Burning beech logs gives off a great smell, in days of old bread was cooked in wood fired ovens,

If you require any specific requirements please do not hesitate to call Ollie on 01793 680305.

Beech Kiln Dried Logs For Cooking

Moisture content has to be low, as you need high heat output to achieve the perfect cooking environment, we believe the right logs is also important, we supply beech as our main kiln dried logs species because of the great characteristics.

When cooking with beech kiln dried hardwood logs, the beech logs produce little smoke which is mild, not as intense as the great oak log. Smoking meats and especially seafood with beech is flavour some with its subtle flavor which enhances the food. Cooking with beech firewood in a wood fired pizza oven is also beneficial as beech has a high heat output which keeps you pizza oven at a high cooking temperature which is required for great tasting pizzas.

Oak Firewood For Cooking

If you require firewood for a more intense flavour and a longer burn then the classic oak is a great firewood to cook with. Open fire hog roasts need a long slow burning wood fuel, smoking with oak ensures a robust taste and smell from the mighty oak.

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