Kiln Dried Kindling Firewood


Kiln dried kindling firewood is a natural product sourced from well-managed, sustainable woodlands. It is bark-free, packed in neat cardboard boxes, making it food-grade quality. The low moisture content of 7% makes it easy to light as it transfers the flames from kindling to the logs more effectively.
Minimum order for kindling is 4 Boxes (£19.96)


    Kiln Dried Kindling Firewood

  • Boxed for convenience and easy to handle
  • Perfect for wood burners, pizza ovens, bbq
  • Beautiful natural smell of softwood
  • 7% moisture content – Easy To Light
  • Food-grade quality, bark-free
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Minimum order for kindling is 4 Boxes.

Kindling small pieces of dry wood also known as kindling sticks, firewood sticks, kindling wood, for starting a great fire. Everybody has there own way to start their wood burning stoves. The basic start up is a good base. Whether you use kindling with fire lighters or on there own.

Preparing a fire with kindling can be as easy as laying a few kindling sticks. Crossed over each other(which is displayed on our kiln dried kindling boxes). Or how about the tepee set up (1 fire lighter and 3 sticks in a tepee). Either way a good base of kindling, light and add beech logs followed by a slow long burn of oak logs.
Now that’s a great fire!!

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 0.195 × 0.195 × 0.26 m

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Approved WS252