Beech Is Best

Our hardwood Beech logs are best for all wood-fired ovens. Especially for pizzas and smoking food. A delicate, subtle flavour is great for pizzas, chicken, and vegetables.

Catering Trade

Requirements that meet your needs. Firewood for festivals, catering firewood for restaurants, firewood for mobile pizza vans, and bakers.

B2B Growth

B2B Professional Partnership. Wholesale, trade & retail. Boxes of firewood, crates of logs, and easy-to-carry nets.

Catering Firewood

We supply many restaurants, festivals, pubs, and mobile catering vans which include pizza wood-fired ovens, burger vans for BBQing, and catering wood smokers.
Timports firewood is Woodsure Ready To Burn – Supported by HETAS, DEFRA
The low moisture content is ideal for all wood-fired ovens and grills. Below 20% in the middle, typically 10-15%.
Give us a call or email to discuss your specific firewood needs.