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Choosing the best firewood for your home

If you have a fireplace in your home, one of the questions that will often crop up is what kind of fuel you should use in it. There are of course many different types of fuel. Consider using wood fuel and they each have their advantages and disadvantages. But there are also some which are just so much better than others in a lot of different ways. In this post, we are going to take a look at how you can choose the best firewood for your home, so you... Read More


Why you should buy Kiln Dried Wood

Why you should buy Kiln Dried Wood, when it comes to choosing kiln-dried wood over any other, there are a few reasons. The most important is the kiln drying process. Kilns use heat and pressure treatments to remove excess water from logs, removing the sap, leaving kilned firewood much less prone to insect infestation than untreated wood produces. In summary, kiln drying firewood is the best choice of fuel for your home or outdoor use. There are many reasons why kiln dried logs are a better option, and this article... Read More


Buying Firewood For The Winter and How To Store It

Buying firewood, there’s nothing better than enjoying a warm, relaxing fire during the winter months. But if you want the experience to be the best that it can possibly be, you need to buy the right kind of wood. Burning so-called “green wood” fresh off the tree will result in a low quality fire that smokes a lot and might not even burn properly at all.  What Type Of Firewood Should You Buy For Winter? So what should you be doing instead? Ideally, you want to prepare for winter by... Read More


Pini Kay Heat Logs

Pini Kay Heat LogsThese briquettes are very dense and long burning with a large heat output A great alternative to using coal, particularly considering the new upcoming fuel guidelines from Woodsure, HETAS and DEFRA Timports Heat Logs Pini Kay – Great Value


Wood Burning Fuel – New Regulations

Wood Burning Fuel New Regulations Government Rules – Governments Clean Air Strategy Wood burning fuel wet wood and coal will be phased out from February 2021. Are wood burning appliances banned! NO. This doesn’t mean you cant use your wood burner or burn wood any more. Why I Hear You Ask? To help lower air pollution. So What Does This Mean? What the government wants us to do is buy economical/eco friendly stoves and dry wood with a moisture content of 20% and below.Also the use of alternative fuel like heat... Read More


Burning Beech Firewood In A Wood Burner

CUSTOMERS WOOD BURNER One of our customers tried our beech firewood for the first time. Checkout the results, many of our customers who have tried beech whether cooking on the BBQ or using the log burner has been pleasantly surprised. Why Not Try Timports Kiln Dried Logs


Kiln Dried Beech Logs For Sale

Burning Firewood To ensure maximum heat from your firewood use kiln dried logs, with less moisture, no bugs or moss ensures a great fire. The heat output is much greater than a wet log. Wet logs produces smoke and is not efficient. There are several varieties wood for a great fire Ash, Oak, Beech, all have different characteristics. Slow burning oak, Ash our best seller and provides good heat, beech wood is a good to. At this time of year kiln dried logs are great for fire pits and outdoor barbecues, just... Read More


Firewood Moisture Content

Firewood Moisture Content Why buy low moisture kiln dried hardwood logs? Firewood moisture content. If you use logs high in moisture you’ll find that they either wont burn well or not burn at all. Using this type of log could cause excessive smokiness, tar build up, discolored glass (if using a wood burning stove) and can even damage chimney flues and possibly cause chimney fires. It’s said that dense hardwood is normally heavier than softwood so burns more efficiently as long as it’s not wet.  Moisture content varies.  Kiln dried... Read More


Firewood For Cooking

Whether you have a wood fuel pizza oven, fire pit, wood-fired oven in a restaurant, or grill. Kiln-dried wood is the best firewood for cooking. Cooking with firewood is extremely popular because of its intense or subtle flavours. It can enhance the flavours of meats, fish, and vegetables.  We recognize that high-quality firewood is needed, and we offer a bespoke service to supply dry logs from kiln-dried ovens. You may ire a certain size log, cut/split for your wood-fired ovens, pizza ovens, BBQ pits, and smokers. Burning beech logs gives... Read More