Firewood Information

Dear Loyal customer.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support over the season. We appreciate that the seemingly endless price increases continue to have an impact.
We just want to acknowledge this issue and help explain the reasons and clarify the current position during this turbulent time.

Unfortunately we are subject to price increases ranging from the raw materials, production costs, energy costs along with massive haulage rises both inbound and outbound.
We are having to monitor the situation closely and act promptly in order to continue to provide the quality of timber and service.

Update on today’s ever changing situation

Our thoughts and prayers are with those suffering the horrific circumstances in and around Ukraine.

However due to the crisis in Europe we are already seeing a dramatic effect regarding the sourcing of firewood into the UK.
We aim to ensure as much supply now as possible to avoid any unnecessary supply chaos in the late Summer and early Winter months.

The majority (80%+) of the firewood in the UK is sourced from Latvia Lithuania, Belarus, Poland and a few other smaller distributers, not to mention the supply that comes through these Countries from Russian sources.

Due to some of these Countries having restrictions or a compromised ability to produce and supply, we anticipate massive pressure on our own supply chains.

Please note we have assurances of more produce available than ever before, it is still essential to get stocked up sooner rather than later.

  • Poland has its own independent supply but will have increased demand from new buyers looking to maintain their supplies.
  • Stock up for your next required supply to avoid shortages in the peak Winter months of November, December and January…
  • Purchase sooner to protect yourselves from future predicted price surges
  • We have some new products to launch in the coming weeks – we will email you the details as we prepare them
  • Wood is still a cost effective way of heating due to the massive energy bills we are all suffering
  • As sales continue, limited stock may become an issue, but this isn’t an issue at the moment.

We will continue to keep you updated as things progress. As you can imagine, the situation is very hard to predict.

Our heartfelt thanks again for your time and support.

All at Timports

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