About Timports Ltd

TIMPORTS LIMITED are a leading premium wood produce supplier. When incorporated in 2008 Timports has become a fast growing, fast developing and stable company based in SWINDON. Working in association with a number of Sawmills in the UK and the EU we have developed our product range to suit all different aspects of the UK market. Timports have nets that are easy to handle, stack and store. We have large 1.6m pallet crates that are a log store in themselves and we also have a purpose made 1.2m Timports super fuel half crate.

Kiln Dried Logs, Crates and Nets of Logs.  We believe that the crates are great value for money and provide high quality wood to our customers. We feel that it's the best way to buy your firewood and the most efficient way of stacking the wood so you get more for your money.

Timports work very closely with stove centres and local log suppliers to ensure that the correct products are used on the varying stoves and fireplaces found in the British home. Kiln dried logs are the most efficient way to heat your home and buying kiln dried logs from Timports is the best way to get the quality of logs required.

Because of our direct relationship with Sawmills, Timports are able in turn to provide timber at very competitive prices.
We are looking to supply you or your company with high quality timber that measures up to your exact specifications. We do this by providing you with a dedicated and personal service that can flexibly adapt to suit your specific needs.
As a further result of our longstanding relationships with the mills we can prevent any unnecessary risk or delay in the supply chain, allowing us to fulfill any criteria to a very high standard. We strive to develop healthy working relationships to maximize cost efficiency and increase satisfaction for all parties concerned.

Timports Green Code

Timports LTD has been very proud to be a part of great campaign supporting replenishment of oak woodlands. The program was born a few years ago. One of our European partners is the executive of the project, on one of the plantations, and looks after approx 300000 oak saplings. We support it by donating money out of every sale. That feeds directly into the programs.

Together with our European partner we have accommodated into the prices of all products an appropriate amount of money to grow over 30 oak saplings per sale we feel very honoured and proud to be a part of this project.

Timports LTD is a responsible and ethical company looking to improve its own eco-friendly credentials by supplying environmentally friendly wood fuels and investing in forests conservation.
Oak Saplings  -  All of our products come from sustainable and well managed forests and are classified as ECO friendly. We feel very responsible for forests sustainability that is why we at Timports LTD invest in oak sapling plantations to ensure that we all make provisions for the future. The UK market demands much more than the UK forests can keep up with so importing from the correct places is vital.

Support sustainable woodlands by buying our kiln dried logs

We at Timports Limited support companies with responsible woodland management. That is why we sell only KILN DRIED LOGS which are friendly to the environment.

When you buy logs from us you're helping to support woodlands too. By buying any of our products you are giving life to about 30 oak saplings which after process of three years growth on a plantation will become a part of a woodland as a little oak tree.