Kiln Dried Firewood For Sale

Try kiln dried wood instead of seasoned logs, kiln dried firewood burns hotter than softwoods, as firewood suppliers and specialists, we only supply premium kiln dried wood fuel.
Timports firewood is stacked in a pallet, the pallet can act as a log store, the kiln dried logs are available in two sizes, our small pallet 1.2m3 or the huge 2m3 pallet, log length approx 10 inch (250mm) and less than 20% moisture content.

Kiln Dried Logs - BEECH Logs, 2m3 crate stacked in a sturdy crate, low moisture content, Free Nationwide Delivery. ON SPECIAL OFFER £259.00

Kiln Dried Ash Logs 2.m3 Crate

Please check crate dimensions before buying. The crate is HUGE find out more in Delivery Information.

Nets of Firewood Logs

Buying kiln dried logs in nets-mixed hardwood logs. Minimum order 20 firewood nets, available in 20, 30, 40, 50, 70, 140 nets.


Kiln dried Logs In Nets
Kiln Dried Firewood Logs 70 Nets
Firewood Kiln Dried to 15-20% moisture content, firewood log length 10 inch (250mm).

Kiln Dried Logs - 1.2m3 Timports Premium Superfuel HalfCrate

WAS: £174.99

SALE NOW ON £142.00


Kiln Dried Firewood

What Our Customers Say

I just wanted to say thank you, for the great wood, the speedy delivery and particularly for how incredibly helpful and accommodating you and your team are.

We at Timports Ltd. endeavor to provide you with a dedicated personal service especially suited to your needs. We assure you that our tailored service is made to your needs.

Kindling Firewood

We sell kindling firewood as well as logs online, our kindling is boxed, and is very dry with a low moisture content. Great for starting any open fire, log burner, wood boilers, wood burners, fire pits.


Timports Wood Fuel Outlet Schemes

Become a member of a Timports outlet scheme and let us help you get the right wood fuel in your clients stove.
We feel working alongside stove centres and wood burner installers is very important.
Providing the best logs for stoves, burners and ranges ensuring customer satisfaction.

Options available upon request:

A package tailored to your specific needs. Provide the best wood fuel available. Eliminating the bad fuel in the market.
Timports super fuel halfCrate blend is designed for this service. Personal service and healthy working relationship.

European Kiln Dried Oak Boards
Oak Timber Supplier

Available in all grades QbA, Qb1, Qb2, Qb3. Our kiln dried oak boards are dried to 8 - 10% moisture, available in 27mm, 32/34mm, 55mm, 100mm

We can supply any amount from single pieces to full truck loads, it is produced from sustainable cropped European woodlands and is beautifully grained and available in all grades. Rustic Qb2-3 Oak is perfect for all types of uses including flooring and furniture production. Premium Qb1 boards are the best available grade and are perfect for top quality furniture manufacture, top grade oak floors, window manufacture etc. etc.. Allow us to help your business prosper with top quality European wood supplies at outstanding prices!

Bespoke Finishing Service

We supply quality kiln dried waney edge and rare wide & thick oak boards, we can also hand finish them to your specifications. We will edge, size, thickness, sand and finish - oil, stain, varnish, distress, any combination of these or untreated - any board or quantity of boards and deliver them direct to your door. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Waney Edge Oak Boards 27mm


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